Medidex - the Medical Device Index

The site acts as a repository of information on medical devices from SMTL. The information may have been generated as:

  • Work undertaken for Welsh NHS procurement processes in conjunction with Procurement Services (formally Welsh Health Supplies). This would typically include test reports of medical devices or our medical device datacards;
  • Work undertaken for the Welsh NHS as part of SMTL's R&D remit. Examples of this would include work on single use screws and plates;
  • Work undertaken on a commercial basis for medical device manufacturers and suppliers. This includes test reports for products tested at SMTL.
  • Work undertaken for the Evidence Based Procurement Board (EBPB) - usually reviews of the published literatire

You can stay up to date by:

If you are looking for testing services for medical devices, please go to the SMTL web site.

The key sections of the site:

  • EBPB - Evidence Based Procurment Board - evidence based purchasing for NHS Wales
  • R&D - various papers written by SMTL staff and stakeholders
  • Medical Devices - miscellaneous papers on medical devices, including safety advice, performance testing and literature reviews
  • Datacards - written to support procurement contracts for the welsh NHS
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