Medidex is the Medical Device Index website, maintained by SMTL.

The site acts as a repository of information on medical devices. The information may have been generated as:

  • Work undertaken for Welsh NHS procurement processes in conjunction with Procurement Services (formally Welsh Health Supplies). This would typically include test reports of medical devices or our medical device datacards;
  • Work undertaken for the Welsh NHS as part of SMTL's R&D remit. Examples of this would include work on single use screws and plates;
  • Work undertaken on a commercial basis for medical device manufacturers and suppliers. This includes test reports for products tested at SMTL.

We hope that the information may be useful to those working in healthcare, industry or academia.

You can stay up to date by:

If you are looking for testing services for medical devices, please go to the SMTL web site.

A summary of the site content can be seen below. 

  • SMTL Datacards

    Dozens of documents on medical devices used for contracting within Wales.


General articles about medidex and SMTL which are not device specific.

SMTL undertakes medical device testing for the Welsh NHS as well as for industry. This section includes papers, presentations and test reports, produced in the main by SMTL.

SMTL undertake a variety of research and development activities, both for the Welsh NHS and for industry.  We also are asked to present regularly at conferences and meetings.  This section covers papers and talks given by SMTL staff.

The Archive section covers articles which are now out of date, but which still attract a reasonable amount of interest.

This section is for interest/information only.

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