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Secondary IV solution set

All Wales Contract: Intravenous sets and related items
Sterility Status: Sterile
Usage Status: Single use
Commonly used name: Piggyback set


Also known as a secondary or piggyback set. Transparent tubing with roller clamp and plastic spike protected by a sheath at the proximal end and a needle protected by a heath at the distal end. Alternatively, the distal end may possess a needle-free connector (to be used in conjunction with primary administration sets that have a needle-free connector at their Y-site). The set also possesses a flexible chamber containing a 40µm (maximum) filter at the base.


Key areas where used

  • ITU
  • General ward use
  • Theatre

Method of use

Secondary medication sets are often used in conjunction with primary sets to provide additional therapy (a process often referred to as piggy-backing). Secondary sets are used to infuse medications in addition to the fluids being administered through the primary solution set (usually intermittently). Usually the secondary medication set is attached to the primary set via the Y-site (with the secondary set a ta slightly higher level than the primary set). The roller clamp is moved into its closed position and the fluid container is prepared for use. Using an aseptic technique, the sheath is removed and the spike inserted into the appropriate port of the container. The container is suspended and depending on the manufacturers instructions, the chamber is filled with fluid and the line primed. Usually the chamber is squeezed to allow fluid to flow through the chamber and to displace air upwards. Fluid flow is regulated using a roller clamp. The needle at the distal end of the set is inserted into the injection port of a Y-site in a primary solution set (or a needle-free connector at the Y-site, depending on what set is used) The secondary set is designed to prevent back flow into either the primary or secondary set during parallel infusions thus preventing bolus infusion.


Individually wrapped in a peel pouch

Sizes Required

  • Not applicable


Example products

The following table lists examples of products known to be acceptable for this product description.

Brand Name Product Code Manufacturer
Secondary set C0429 Baxter Healthcare Ltd
Secondary set with needle-free connector C5913 Baxter Healthcare Ltd

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Revision No 1.18
Revision date 02/12/13

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