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Arterial cannula

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Sterility Status Sterile
Usage Status Single use



Flexible cannula with stainless steel introducer needle and filtered flashback chamber possessing a luer connector. The flexible cannula may or may not be radio-opaque. Some cannula hubs possess suture wings to allow the cannula to be sutured in place, some have small wings that can be stuck in place and others have no wings at all. In addition, some arterial cannulae possess an 'on/off' switch on the cannula hub to open and close the catheter lumen. They do not possess injection ports.

arterial cannula1

Key areas where used



Method of use

Used for intra-arterial access only. The needle is advanced into the artery and correct placement is indicated when flashback is observed in the hub chamber, indicating that the tip is within the lumen of the vessel.


The switch is activated to prevent blood spillage immediately the needle is withdrawn, prior to connection of a monitoring set (usually a pressurised IV line with saline and a pressure transducer). Depending on the hospital procedure, the needle may be held stationary whilst the cannula is advanced further and the needle removed. If desired, the wings are then taped to secure the cannula to the patient. Suturing is more likely in ITU, or at times when securing the line is difficult (e.g. severe burns with little intact skin).

The switch allows for easy and mess-free change of monitoring sets, as is customary every couple of days on ITU.

Please note: non-ported IV cannula (see datacard) can also be used for intra-arterial access but do not possess an 'on/off' switch. They are not usually licensed for arterial use and are used in this way at the clinican's discretion.

The cannula can be made of various materials and some are more prone to kinking than others.


Individually wrapped in a peel pouch

Sizes Required


Example products

The following table lists examples of products known to be acceptable for this product description.

Brand Name Product Code Manufacturer
Arterial cannula with floSwitch 682245 Becton Dickinson



P Phillips and J Ford

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