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Blood warming plate

All Wales Contract: Intravenous sets and related items
Sterility Status: Sterile
Usage Status: Single use
Commonly used name
 Blood warmer



Flat insert (usually rectangular in shape) containing wide bore tubing through which intravenous (IV) fluid can pass. Inserts can be rigid or flexible and made from a range of materials including plastic. The device possesses a section of IV tubing to carry fluid into the device and another section of IV tubing to carry fluid away from the device.

'Conditions of use' (including recommended flow-rate ranges) must be included on the packaging of this device.

Key areas where used

  • Theatre

Method of use

Intravenous fluids are passed through the IV tubing of a plastic insert via a giving set, before being administered to the patient. The plastic insert is clamped between 2 heated plates of a warming unit so that the fluid is warm as it passes into the patient.


Individually packaged in a peel pouch

Sizes Required

  • One size only

Example products

The following table lists examples of products known to be acceptable for this product description.

Brand Name Product Code Manufacturer
Fenwall compatible blood-warmer WEBW002 Wescott Medical Ltd



P Phillips and J Ford

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