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Venous pressure manometer set

All Wales Contract: Intravenous sets and related items
Sterility Status: Sterile
Usage Status: Single use


Also known as a manometer set or a VP manometer set. Consists of a 3-way stopcock attached to a graduated manometer column, a primary IV solution set and manometer tubing. All of these items are available individually (please see individual datacards for more information on any part of this set).


Key areas where used

  • Critical care
  • Theatre

Method of use

The 3-way stopcock is opened so that fluid from an IV fluid bag fills the manometer. The tap is turned to connect the manometer to the patient. Fluid in the manometer will fall to the level of the central venous pressure (CVP) and an average reading is taken (as level pulsates up and down during the reading). This system may be used for extended periods and the reading taken intermittently (for example, every hour).

Please note: usage of these devices are in decline due to the increased use of electronic transducers to monitor CVP.


Individually packaged in a peel pouch

Sizes Required

  • Not applicable

Example products

The following table lists examples of products known to be acceptable for this product description.

Brand Name Product Code Manufacturer
VP manometer set A31 Avon


Revision Details

Editor P Phillips, J Ford
Revision No 1.9
Revision date 05/11/13

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