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Leg bag

All Wales Contract: Urology products
Sterility Status: Sterile.
Usage Status: Single use.


Transparent graduated plastic bag (can contain up to 500 ml liquid) with slits in the top and bottom of the plastic edging for attachment of straps. The leg bag is supplied with 2 elastic straps usually with a velcro fastening, for attachment of the bag to the leg. One end of the bag possesses a piece of transparent flexible tubing with a connector (and usually including a sample port) and a lever-tap with connector port at the other.


Key areas where used

  • All ward areas
  • Community

Method of use

The leg bag is used as a reservoir for urine which has been drained from the patient by a urinary catheter. The long tubing of the leg bag is attached to the distal end of the patient's catheter by a connector and the leg bag strapped to the leg using the velcro strap. During use the lever-tap remains closed and is opened to drain the fluid or to attach it to a larger 'night' bag during the night.


Individually wrapped in a peel pouch

Sizes Required

  • 500 ml bag


Coding System Code Description
NSV GCB095/GDF0006/GDF006 Bag urine collection (leg bag) graduated sterile with non-slip support straps to BS EN ISO 8669 part2, with sampling port and long tube
NSV GCB096/GCB031 Leg bag (description as above) with medium tube
NSV GDF007 Leg bag (description as above) with short tube

Example products

The following table lists examples of products known to be acceptable for this product description.

Brand Name Product Code Manufacturer
Bardia leg bag B500S Bard Ltd
Simpla T1 376151 Coloplast Ltd

Revision Details

Editor Peter Phillips
Revision No 1.6
Revision date 2005/09/27

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