SMTL Medical Disposable Datacard

Defibrillation Pad for paddles

All Wales Contract: ECG Electrodes, Diathermy plates, Defib pads
Sterility Status: Non Sterile.
Usage Status: Single use.


Solid gel pads consisting of electroconductive gel supported by a porus woven fabric. Either side of the pads can be applied to the patient's skin. Pads come in pairs. Paediatric and adult sizes are available.

Instructions for use should be included.


Key areas where used

  • All Ward areas
  • Theatres

Method of use

Pads are placed directly onto the patient in the correct position (cream or gel is not required). The paddles are centred onto the pads and kept flat to theskin, ensuring that there is an even pressure applied over the surface of the paddle. The paddles are pressed hard down on the pads. Insome situations, hair may be shaved from the area prior to use.


  • Packaged in pairs

Sizes Required

  • 114mm x 152mm (for paddles up to 102mm x 127mm)
  • 114mm x 114mm (for paddles up to 89mm in diameter)


Coding System Code Description
NSV FDK021, FDJ0261 Defibrillation pads - 114mm x 152mm
NSV FDK019, FDJ009 Defibrillation pads - 114mm x 114mm

Example products

The following table lists examples of products known to be acceptable for this product description.

Brand Name Product Code Manufacturer
Defibrillation pad (114 x 152 mm) 2346N 3M Healthcare Limited
Nikman Defib pad (114 x 114 mm) 1888M Unomedical


Revision Details

Editor Pete Phillips
Revision No 1.9
Revision date 2008/09/18

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