PT011 - Antimicrobial Wound dressings - October 2018

The EBPB were asked to look at the evidence for the use of Antimicrobial Wound dressings (AWDs).

Following advice from the EBPB expert group on AWDs, which relied substantially on the SHTG Health Technology Assessment from Scotland, the EBPB advise that:

  1. Antimicrobial dressings should not routinely be used on non-infected acute and chronic wounds;
  2. Antimicrobial dressings should be considered only when there are clinical signs or symptoms of localised infection, or where localised infection is suspected as a cause of non-healing. They should not be used to treat MDRO (multi drug resistant organism) colonised wounds which do not fall into this category;
  3. Antimicrobial dressings should only be recommended/prescribed by specialist staff (for example tissue viability nurses or specialist podiatrists) as designated by the Health Board or Trust. Their use requires regular review of the requirement for AWDs by the clinician;
  4. To ensure appropriate control and use of antimicrobial dressings, the EBPB AWD Recommendations and Algorithm (page 3 and onwards of the full Advice and Recommendation document) should be adopted by Welsh NHS organisations.

The expert group have issued clinical advice and recommendations in support of the Advice Statement.  The Advice Statement and the Recommendations and Algorithm are all available in a single PDF download.

If you become aware of substantial change in the evidence base or circumstances related to this published advice, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who will then consider whether a further review is necessary.


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