PT028 - Farco-fill Protect - Aug 2019

The EBPB were asked to look at the evidence for the use of Farco-fill Protect, a sterile solution containing 0.3% triclosan that is used for the inflation of indwelling urinary catheters in an effort to reduce bacterial colonisation of the catheter

Following consideration of the published evidence, the EBPB consider that there is currently insufficient evidence to support its use in the Welsh NHS.

The EBPB therefore make the following recommendations:

  1. Welsh Health Boards and Trusts should refrain from using Farco-fill Protect until better quality evidence is available on the clinical efficacy, preferably through randomised controlled trials or sufficiently powered comparative studies with appropriate length of follow-up.
  2. The EBPB notes concerns from NHS personnel about the lack of data on the safety of triclosan, and whilst not addressed specifically in the Evidence Review, EBPB recommend that manufacturers address the safety concerns about the use of medical devices before they are considered for further use in the Welsh NHS.

The EBPB Evidence Review Group (ERG) have issued an Evidence Review (available as a PDF download) and the EBPB have issued an Advice Statement (available as a PDF download).

If you become aware of a substantial change in the evidence base or circumstances related to this published advice, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who will then consider whether a further review is necessary.


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