PT025 - DACC (dialkylcarbamoyl chloride) coated dressings

The Evidence Based Procurement Board’s (EBPB) Evidence Research Group (ERG) conducted a review of evidence for dialkylcarbamoyl chloride (DACC) coated wound dressings.

Due to the mixed results reported in the review and the few well designed studies published to date, the EBPB agreed that the evidence is currently inadequate to make a positive recommendation for the use of DACC coated wound dressings.

The board would reconsider its recommendations if better quality evidence became available. This would include studies with:

  1. A comparator dressing included in the study design (for example a standard, uncoated dressing).

  2. Longer duration and useful endpoints (for example, time taken until healing).

  3. Larger patient groups.

  4. Randomisation of patients with blinding where possible.

The ERG has issued an Evidence Review (available as a PDF download) and the EBPB have issued an Advice Statement (available as a PDF download).

If substantial new evidence becomes available, the EBPB will ask the ERG to consider the new evidence.

NOTE: The Medical Technologies Guidance by NICE on Leukomed Sorbact (MTG55, published February 2021) does not alter the conclusions drawn from the Evidence Review.


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